Flatter Odetta nya  

Flatter is a Very Social and Happy dog.

 Loves to please and work with a great on and off button. He has a big praydrive and loves to tug. He has been a bit too depending on me in training, but since we started with IPO, he has become more independent

Flatter is trained in Obedience, BSL, IPO, Tracking and some herding. He does well in all sports.

Flatter did a great MH (mentaldescription) and lies way over average of Tervs in the diagram. (See diagram below)

He is my "once in a lifetime" dog and I have great hopes for this litter.

Flatter is studdog for 2 litters before and I'm very pleased with his offspring so far. 

For this litter I hope for owners who wants to work with their dog as well as show them since I expect the pups to do great in both


Flatter MH                                                                                                                                                                                       

Odetta came in to my life like the little whirlwind that she is.She is "a lot of dog" and since she were already 5 month old when she came to me, we had to start the training with basics.

She is very "fast" in her mind and does everything in full speed when training which means we can only train for a short time or her brain will get overworked. But with age that has improved and she is easier to train now.

She Loves to work and she is a super tracker.

She is trained in Obedience, Tracking, BSL and I have started her in bitework. She will be a great workingdog but I think it will take some more time before we compete since she really needs to slow down first. I'm thinking Agility might be good for her as well.

She has a great off button though and is just a cuddly little being when inside.

Detta also did a great MH (mentaldescription) and lies according to the diagram as the average Terv (see diagram below)



                       Detta MH