Kiosan's Poison is no longer with us. He will be missed by many

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Poison... Sweet Darling Poison.
Today we had to let you go..
You were always the "King" of the pack.. all the dogs that have lived with you looked up to you and you were a fair leader. You were always the cats protector and they loved you too. You were at Tindras side both times she had her kittens, and made sure everything was ok.
Poison... Sweet Darling Poison.
All the things that we've done. When people here said "Belgians can't herd", you proved them wrong. you got your STDs with honors and "best other breed". And you were always so careful with the stock. I was so proud of you that I almost burst ❤
Poison... Sweet Darling Poison
There was nothing "poisonous" about you. You were so kind, so easy and so lovable. You "liked" all people, but the ones you choosed to love, you loved with all your heart
Poison... Sweet Darling Poison
You went so easily.. you fell asleep in the couch between Marcus an me, then you were gone... we wanted you to go while you still were a happy boy.. you won't have any pain now..
I'm crying so much... this is so hard. But my heart goes out for Marcus and Sara with whom I've shared Poison the past two years.
Poison and Marcus has been together 24/7 and he was loved every minute ❤
Poison... Sweet Darling Poison
You were loved by so many and you will always be.. you have always been a star, and tonight you will be the brightest one in the sky.
Poison,,, Sweet Darling Poison
I will look up to the sky every night from now on, and tell you I Love you and miss you.
Run Free Poison.. I've always Loved you and always will 🧡💛💚💙💜



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