My name is Viveca * Vivi * Silvergren, and I was born in 1964

As long as I can remember I have been an "animal girl", you know the one that was always hanging in the stable , went out with all the neighbours dogs etc.. At home, animals were not allowed and it took many years before I managed to convince mom to buy me a budgie. After I left home, I have probably had all the pets you can possible have..

I did not have a dog right away because I didn't have the time for a dog, so when I was at home with my kids  for a long time I got my first "own" doggie, a mix named LUKAS. Lukas did not like the apartment when he got older and therefore had to move to a family with a house and a large garden.

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In 2000 came the dog that would get me "hooked" on "Belgians". Although this was a mix too. She was 75% Terv and 25%  Collie and the wisest, kindest, nicest dog I've ever met.  A dog that did not need to be taught anything. she constantly learned everything herself, never went on a leash, "did her businiess" on Command, went in the direction I pointed out if she was a a head of me, This dog made me check out the Belgian Shepherd closer and I fell head over heels in love!

2009 I got my first purebred Belgian when Enterprise Oshiwa * Shiwa * (Tervueren) came into my life. A whole day I sat in a puppy crate at the breeder to make sure I chose the right dog for me. The puppies had so much coat that you could not see the colors of the necklaces. I studied the puppies and each time I thought it was something special with a pup I lifted it up and checked the color of the necklace .. and every time it was Shiwa I picked up so the choice was pretty easy!

Late 2010 I met anotherTervueren that charmed me. It was KIOSAN'S POISON * Poison * his breeders had brought him to a Breeders Education we both attended and I fell instantly in love with this youngster ... The fact that his father is one of my stud-favorites, didn't make things worse! It didn't take long before I got him on Breedersterms

When I was at a show in Norway next dog came into my life . I had heard of a Groenendaelbitch that sounded interesting and was going to be replaced. The breeder let me stay with her so I could get to know the young bitch, and it soon became clear that it was a wonderful girl named Femme Fatale of Ostretunet * Reza * (Groenendael) and she followed us home to Sweden! "Reza" nowlives with  Monica and her family in Vallentuna and is having the time of her life.. I Co-own Reza with her breeder.

Year 2011 was a big year for the kennel where first a new male came to us early in the year, Himbis Flatter * Flatter * (Tervueren) and in late summer also a small puppy joined the pack ..  Norwegian girlie named Nizhoni's NoTime ForTears * Joy * (Tervueren)

C:UsersViviVivis mappHemsidaUnfortunately, Shiwa got ill and needed peace and quiet ... At first I felt a great disappointment when I knew I couldn't breed her because she had all I want in a Belgian .. But knowing that Shiwa, since she moved, now feels great and lives in Gotland makes my heart warm and I get to see her a lot!

When Shiwa moved, I decided to take in another bitch and imported a beautiful girl in the spring of 2012 .. She came all the way from the USA and her name is Basquelaine Heaven Makes Scents * Nosie * (Tervuren)

I've had Breeding plans for quite some time and when me and my hubby moved to a wonderful house in ÄRLA (Eskilstuna), suddenly there was the possibilities and I registered my kennel name.

My idea of ​​breeding is to produce dogs with good exterior but should also have working ability ... I

Hos Yvonne och Nacka 145Now I'm looking forward to an exciting future!