We had to let Himbi's Flatter go. Lost him because of a tragic accitent. A bone got stuck in his intestens. I will carry you in my heart forever 
Silverskallets Day Dreamer: BOB, HP, BIS3 
We had to let Kiosan's Poison go. Lost him to stomach cancer   He will stay in my heart forever 
Silverskallets "Dream litter" was born, 1+5 (BH, LP1 Himbi's Flatter x Eternity's Odetta)
2019-05-31: Breedspeciality, SBU, Eskilstuna, Judge: Emanuelle Boriero
Eternity's Odetta: Exc1, CQ, BB3
2019-05-30: Breedspeciality SBU, Eskilstuna, Judge: Rui Alves Monteiro
Eternity's Odetta: Exc1, CQ, BB2