2021-08-21: Dog Show, Gubbängen, inoff
Silverskallets Dream Come True (Tulle): Exc1, HP, BOS
Silverskallets Just Like a Dream (Molly): Exc2
2021-08-15: Mentaldescription
4 of the "Dream" litter did their MH at Eskilstuna Bk
2021-08-07: Dogshow Billdal, Inoff
Silverskallets Day Dreamer: Exc1, HP, BOB
2021-07-19: Obedience Competition
Silverskallets Day Ddreamer (Tesla) 136 p, Approved
2021-07-16:  Obedience Competition, Started Class, Tjörn
Silverskallets Day Dreamer (Tesla) 129 p, Approved